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This is an example of our one page Business Networker  – $500 +gst gives you a highly functional Website solution in your pocket.
Fully SEO configured, mobile compact for maximum sharing engagement, an interactive business card in your pocket that looks great across all larger screens.

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Tech by Girls began with an increasing demand for my simple style of website design. I needed passionate people to help meet the continued increase in demand and it quickly became obvious that the girls related better to my design efforts and processes, and so it began. The Cats – yes they are fun and what girl doesn’t get inspired by a playful kitten.

I have been in business most of my life, and technology has continued to be a significant factor in my business outcomes.

When our businesses began to require Websites, we entered the world of I.T Developers and all the complicated and costly almost nonsensical jargons that we could not relate to. So I began the journey to upskill and build what our business needed. That was 8 years ago and here I am, not only developing and building for our family businesses but also yours. I have learned much about adapting technology to meet business requirements.


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