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Claire Holmes

Give us techie girls a go –

Who are we?

A collective of passionate and talented techie girls, women, and mums who work from home.

What can we do, for you?

We build cost-effective mobile web solutions on your phone’s desktop. They are so much more than a website in your pocket, they profile and connect you and your business professionally 24/7.

My story:

Tech by Girls began with the need to find other like-minded techie girls to help me cope with an increasing demand, for my simple styled website designs, – one-pager mobile solutions.

Being a female in Web design is a little isolating, and working with a group of like-minded women – girls who shared my passion to work from home. My husband had terminal cancer and I became the breadwinner -I had to be creative and flexible while delivering simple yet remarkable outcomes for my clients.

This need turned into a positive as clients began to engage with what I can only describe as real raw and simple website solutions. In particular mobile solutions were top of the list which include professional profiles, one-pager networking styled websites, and more.

I have been in business for most of my life, and technology has continued to be a significant factor in my business outcomes.

When our businesses began to require Websites, we entered the world of I.T Developers and all the complicated and costly almost nonsensical jargon that we could not relate to. So I began the journey to upskill and build what our business needed. That was 8 years ago and here I am, not only developing and building for our family businesses but also yours. I have learned much about adapting technology to meet business requirements.

Something to consider –
Business Ecosystems
Your Business is the centre of your Village –
The future of connectedness is to harness “Localism.” – A Village full of Villagers.

We support the “Postmodern Villager Revival” of Villagers taking back their Village and rebuilding it from the grassroots up.
Tech by Girls specialise in creating online Villager styled websites, for individuals and businesses, that want to build an enduring villager styled ecosystem, around what they do best.

Personal and Professional
Your Professional Profile in your pocket 24/7 is a pretty powerful resource.
Our Tech by Girls girls excel in developing personalised “Next Generation Profiles.”  These are “Professional individualised Profiles” on your mobile phone desk top with your personalised app display.
– It’s better than a business card
– It’s very professional and reflects you and what you do best.
– Designed to reflect the quality and enduring relationships.
– Sharing the App is immediate and it connects information – so you will not lose the contact.

The Overview and sign off
Our techie girl collective covers the whole landscape from hosting, design, to software builds – Girls really can do it all and we have the x-factor flare, at a work from home price, that helps your pocket and ours.

Welcome to my page. I have been in business most of my life and technology requirements have played a significant factor in our business outcomes.We needed Website developers that understood our business, but that was a bridge too far – they understood their business well but not ours. So I began developing my skills instead, and now 8 years later I am still adapting technology to meet business requirements.

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